Senter for comptetence on child neurologi and rehabilitation

Summary in english

NAAH is part of the Rehabilitation Programme in Oslo. The institution offers specialist competence on child neurology/rehabilitation, and is professionally and administratively connected (subjugated) to Oslo University Hospital, unit Ullevål.


We want Nordre Aasen (NAAH) to be an important contributor in offering children and youths with severe multiple disabilities, as well as their families, the best possible conditions for an improved quality of life and a normalized situation in their environment.

Our aim is that our good reputation will continue to earn its merit, and that we will always continue to improve the standards of the services we offer to the public.

Main goals and definition of responsibilities

NAAH offers secondary health services in Oslo. The institution takes care of children and youths from the various administrative districts within Oslo. Our clients are children and youths with severe multiple disabilities, and their families.

Parents and the local boroughs apply for admission through the Children’s Rehabilitation programme committees.

The institution offers medical, pedagogical and psychological treatment on a crossectional professional basis, 24 hours a day.

Admission is based on a medical judgement. (Medical criterions)

The institution is subject to the Hospital Act, run on the basis of the Oslo County Health plan.

Services offered at NAAH

Section of Rehabilitation

  • Short term evaluation
  • Internal and external counselling
  • Training and education of parents and of employees at municipal institutions.
  • Parents counselling
  • Internship
  • Daytime unit, 4 residents
  • 24-hour’s unit, 2 residents
  • Contracts of 3 weeks to 3 months duration
  • Long term treatment for children in need of massive medical treatment, age from 0 to 18 years


By children with multiple disabilities we mean children with complex physiological disabilities in combination with medical, psychological and / or pedagogical dysfunctions.

Rehabilitation programme of Nordre Aasen

Our rehabilitation programme implies planning, evaluation and application of individually adjusted training programmes. These programmes are covering medical, psychological and pedagogical issues, necessary to maintain and develop the abilities and adjustment of each individual client according to their specific needs and potentials.

NAAH offers extensive and continual information and education of external institutions and persons in custody of each client, such as family, nurseries, schools and children’s home.

Priorities and main areas of intervention

  • Training and rehabilitation of children and youths
  • Children aged 0-7 years and their families
  • Early intervention
  • Crossectional professional evaluation
  • Development and establishment of external counselling services

Other priorities and areas of intervention:

Nutritional problems

  • Modern information technology as an alternative means of communication for our clients
  • The appliance of electronic devices to improve physical agility
  • Establishment of an external counselling service of high professional standard
  • Establishment of counselling competence on multicultural issues
  • Further development of our competence in individual counselling towards parents of children with multiple disabilities
  • The establishment of self-help-groups

Situational description

Internal organisation

NAAH is administered by the director.

The organisation consists of 2 sections;

  • Section of rehabilitation
  • Section of children’s home, age 0- 18 years. 11 places and 3 units.

Mercantile services

Accounting and salary shared with Kapellveien. NAAH keeps two office clerks and one supervisor in charge of laundry, kitchen and cleaning.

Human resources

Administration, office clerks, management

Director, accountant, cook, caretaker.

Section of rehabilitation

  • Leader
  • Administrator
  • Expert consultants in the professions of: physiotherapy, social work, nutrition, social education, special education, occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapist
  • Occupational therapist
  • Social educators
  • Helping nurses
  • Social worker
  • Assistants


Description of the services offered at NAAH


Children with multiple disabilities, rehabilitation due to traffic accidents and other types of acquired brain injuries, as well as motor and medical problems. The rehabilitation process also includes the families.

Admission routines

The various city-departments apply for admission on behalf of the disabled child on special forms or letters addressed to the Child Rehabilitation Team at Oslo University Hospital, unit Ullevål. The admission team at NAAH will manage the applications and make any necessary preliminary inquiry. A formal resolution is made, and the applicant will then be informed.

Observation and evaluation

Any time-span of medical and behavioural observation is possible, separately or in combination with treatment, either on a 24 hour basis, or on daytime only. This flexible structure of activities, combined with the external guidance offered from our institution, makes it possible to reach more people and share our competence.

Special evaluation techniques are developed in the following areas

  • Multiple disabilities
  • Nutritional problems
  • Testing of therapeutic electro technical remedies
  • Motor skills
  • Behavioural problems

Some examples of our evaluation tasks

  • Construction of training programmes and rehabilitation programmes
  • Evaluation of required level of assistance
  • Evaluation of states of insomnia, epileptic seizures, suggesting of alternative therapy programmes, interventions and / or medical treatments, communication skills, nutritional dysfunction

Some examples of our treatment tasks

  • Rehabilitation of children with acquired brain injury
  • Communication training
  • Training of motor skills
  • Interventions to prevent self injurious behaviour
  • Training by means of electro technical remedies
  • Medical treatment
  • Nutrition programmes
  • Sensory stimulation
  • Coping with everyday routines and challenges
  • Ambulant clinic
  • Teaching
  • Guidance from social worker

Ambulant Clinic

Our ambulant work has been gradually evolving since 1998 and covers temporary evaluations and guidance for recovered children.

Service such as

  • Self-injurious behaviour
  • Nutritional dysfunctions
  • Enteral feeding
  • Physical / motor training
  • Parents counselling

Parent counselling

Social worker is available for guidance to the parents on how to acquire information about their legal rights and services available to them. Social worker is also available for conversation for those in need of it.

Seating Clinic for children and youth

The Seating Clinic was established in 2006 and is an interdisciplinary collaboration between NAAH, Oslo UniversityHospital (unit Ulleval) and Hjelpemiddelsentralen (NAV) in Oslo .
Occupational therapist or physiotherapist at NAAH is executives.

The clinic is a supplement to the primary health service in the area of positioning, and offers help to the children/youth (0-18år) with the need for advanced individual adaptation of wheelchair/seating unit. The clinic offers advice/education to parents, district employees and school/nursery. The set of 2 half-days + 1 half day of follow-up at the clinic.

In addition to the parents, occupational or physiotherapist in the district, consultant from the Hjelpemiddelsentralen, a physiotherapist from Ulleval, Orthotics/orthopedics engineer and a doctor is summoned when needed. Representatives from school/nursery and respite invited as well.

Application forms can be obtained from the NAAH or one of the physiotherapists at Ulleval, Division of Child Neurology and rehabilitation.